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Our Brand Is the Guarantee of Precision
Since 1976, Tan Tzu Precision Machinery has been setting the bar in the precision machine industry. In 1994, Tan Tzu exported machines to Japan bearing the Taiwan Excellence symbol that lives up to the promise of international quality standards. We combine Chinese wisdom and perseverance in building Tan Tzu's quality and reputation. Tan Tzu brings Chinese dignity into setting the highest standards in today's precision machine industry.

Perfection is always the goal at Tan Tzu. Our innovative development program designs and produces many special use machines. Tan Tzu machines meet TQC standards so you can be assured of the high quality of machines.

So as we build on our existing reputation and trust, Tan Tzu promises to strive for ever high quality.
Chin Yuan Feng Industrial House established by Mr. Feng-Chun Nie
Capital : NT$29,000,000
Employees : 8
Factory : 66.11m2
Products : Precision mechanical parts • Special application machinery
Capital : NT $60,000,000
Employees : 20

Factory : 198.35m2
Products : High speed indexing drives • Intermission drive mechanisms • High precision automation components • Industrial electronics • Automatic tea making mac
Capital : NT $ 60,000,000
Employees : 45
Factory building : 2148.76m2
Products : Indexing drive series • Parallel cam series • Geneva series • ATC • APC • NC lathes • Turret heads
Primary Customers
Ta-Shin Electric Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Bakckle (USA)
Motorola (USA)
Later (USA)
Taiwan Electric Computer (USA)
Taiwan An-Kck (Japan)
Taiwan CANON (Japan)
Cooperation R & D
1991 - Upgraded conventional technology with the Industrial Board, National Sun
Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) Technological upgrades with the Industrial
Technology Research Institute
1993 - OEM with Orchiko Co. Ltd. (Japan) and Aswai Co. Ltd (Japan)
1994 - R&D and marketing cooperation with OGA (Japan) and SYE (Japan)
1995~2000 - Continued participation in the Integrated Design and Manufacture
of NC program with NSYSU


1981 - R&D of roller gear cam; introduced precision indexing machinery to the market.
1982 - R&D of computer programmed precision indexing machines.
1985 - Independent ownership of core technologies providing competitively priced precision indexing machinery.
1991 - Upgrades made to industrial technology via cooperation with Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Science Council,
and National Sun Yat-Sen University.
1992 - Adoption of Kopp (Germany) RGC milling machine from with precision of 0.5µm.
1994 - Roller gear index and ATC introduced to Japanese market.
1994 - International partnership developed with SYE Japan (R&D) and OGA Japan (manufacturing and maintenance), and Tan Tzu
(promotion and maintenance.
1996 - • Awarded Symbol of Excellence for high precision indexing machines from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
• Winner of the 1996 Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Research Award.
Officially recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the management and development of native manufactured precision
machine component parts.
1994~2000 - Long term partnership with the National Science Council for R&D.
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